Persian restaurant london


Beluga Restaurant & Bar serves the finest authentic Persian cuisine in West London.

This London-based family-run restaurant has been preparing and serving the very best Persian cuisine at their multiple Persian restaurants located in the heart of West London since 1999.

Traditional Persian cuisine


Persian food

Come and enjoy authentic persian cuisine in the heart of West London, let us guide you through our menu of ancient persian recipies.

Allow our head chef to guide you on a journey through ancient Persia, explore traditionally cooked dishes long forgotten that combine exciting spices and the freshest herbs or take a step in to exploring more modern persian cuisine served with a side of our famous saffron rice.

Anthony Fleming
Anthony Fleming
21. January, 2024.
A great restaurant. Good food, a good atmosphere and good service.
Joseph Hart
Joseph Hart
21. January, 2024.
Nima Moeini
Nima Moeini
21. January, 2024.
My go to Iranian restaurant, always a great experience and food!!
20. January, 2024.
i ordered takeout from the restaurant on deliveroo, and received a massive portion: the chelo fesenjan lamb shank. the meat was tender, the tahdig was perfectly crispy and the fesenjan was so flavourful. could not have asked for a more delicious and comforting meal. just look at the tahdig😭
Elmina Homapour
Elmina Homapour
15. January, 2024.
Very delicious persian food.
Hamid S
Hamid S
13. January, 2024.
Food is good so is the service
Special selection


Naan Bread

Organic freshly baked with Persian sesame.

Chelo Jujeh

Grilled skewer of succulent, marinated, and diced chicken fillet. Served with steam cooked rice and salad.

Mix Grill for 1 Person

Grilled skewer consisting of grilled prganic Lamb Chops & thin Chicken Fillet, & a skewer of minced Lamb, served with steam-cooked Rice (topped with fine Saffron & rare Barberries)

Chelo Fesenjan Lamb Shank

Fried ground walnut infused with wild pomegranate sauce and organic lamb shank. Served with a portion of steam cooked rice.

Loobia Polo with Kuku & Vine Leaves

Steam cooked rice, intermixed with fried green beans, Persian tomato sauce, sun dried tomato, along with slices of kuku sabzi and vine leaves dolma with seasonal salad. Vegetarian.

Naan Bread with Pistachio

Organic freshly baked with Pistachio.

Chelo Kubide

Twin skewers of grilled minced lamb. Served with steam cooked rice and salad.

Mix Grill for 3 Persons

Grilled skewer of organic lamb chops, a skewer of thin organic chicken fillet, a skewer of minced lamb, a skewer of minced veal with pistachio, and a skewer of corn fed baby chicken a whole and half chicken. Served with three portions of steamed cooked rice topped with fine saffron and rare barberries.-- newly added curry gravy, on the side, contains cashew nut & garlic.

Chelo Fesenjan, Duck

Fried ground walnut infused with wild pomegranate sauce and roasted duck. Served with a portion of steam cooked rice.

Sea Bass & Rice

Grilled sea-bass fillet marinated, served with steam-cooked rice.


Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar is an ancient delicacy, steeped in myth and legend, the stuff of dreams, it is a truly delectable treat, throughout history it has been the favored delicacy of Shahs and Tsars and is availabel to you now in our persian restaurant.



Beluga Persian Grill & Bar,
147-149, Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LF
+44 207 041 8053
Open: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm