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Dubbed as the world’s finest Persian restaurant, and located in the heart of Notting Hill Gate, Beluga is styled with elegant décor, ready to host your high-class guests with its prestigious service and fine Persian food, whether it’s an intimate gathering, or wedding and birthday, and or corporate event.

Our management team are highly experienced in planning your night and guide you through every step of the night. DJ settling is a possibility, but volume must be considerate of our neighbours. We do our premium music system which you can programme your music-list.



Our restaurant has a total of 85-95 seats, and they are span across a number of sections: Bar-front (near entrance) can take up to 20-22 guests, then it leads to our Main-Hall with few steps down (where the large paintings are hung) and there we have 4 round tables of either 4 or 5 seats each (depending on how many you wish to be seated) which is a total of 16-20 guests, as well as a long banquette section (beneath the paintings) with can squeeze 21-23 guests in a long single row, and then it leads to a very private area (named Mirror Room) which again takes up to 17-19 guests. We also have a mezzanine level above this area (The Purple Room, upstairs) which again takes 12-14 guests (and this is where we usually suggest youngsters).


In order for the venue to be dedicated fully to your function (ie. No other customers in the venue) your gathering must have minimum 70 guests. Please note that we cannot have bookings larger than 20 people on Fridays or Saturdays.


We do not offer a package for less than 40 guests. This means you would have to order from the menus. For gatherings above 40 guests, (on a non-Friday or Saturday booking), we have a discounted menu offer at £40 per guest (without wine) and or £45 per guest (with wine). Children below the age of 6 are charged at half (£20). More on these packages (below).

As we have an extensive wine & spirit list, we have a £4 per adult corkage fee if you were to bring any alcoholic beverage in the venue. This £4 is multiplied by the total number of guests, regardless of whether they drink or not. We also have a £1.5 charge per head for serving your cake and or fruits. Cakes must be purchased from a (highly-insured) manufacturer and must be registered with their Local Authority Food Agency.

Quantity of foods and drinks for your event is quite plenty. We can explain in person as to how we distribute our foods and drinks throughout the venue so that you can understand the volume being served. But the products would include:


  • Variety of 5-8 starters spread throughout (select from our warm & cold menu)
  • Sesame and Pistachio topped Naan Bread, freshly baked


  • Rice (with crispy / saffron topping, garnished with barberries)
  • Grilled Persian minced lamb, lamb-chops, marinated chicken, tomato, and Curry gravy sauce
  • You are welcome to add bowls of stews (ordered outside of the package)


  • Large bottles of still & sparkling water
  • A bottle of soda drink for every guest
  • Unlimited cups of Persian cardamom tea at any time
  • You are welcome to add any other drinks or juices (ordered outside of the package)

Alcohol: (if opting for the £40 per head package)

  • Italian Apulu white wine
  • Italian Apulu red (or) South-African Shiraz.
  • You are welcome to order other drinks and spirits (outside of the package)

We also have an extensive desserts menu which must be ordered separately.

The above is exclusive of service-charge, which is currently an additional 12.5%.



Events can either be held from 5:30 till 8:30.

Or from 8:30pm until 11:30pm.

These slots are important for managing our other bookings.



£500 deposit to lock the date.

Rest will need to be settled on the night after service is provided.


If numbers fall beneath 60 guests, for any reason, the venue reserves full rights to have external customers (but of course we won’t seat them in your private allocated section) – i.e. we will give them tables in a different area, e.g. Upstairs or new the bar.

Beluga Persian Grill & Bar,
147-149, Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LF
+44 207 041 8053
Open: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm